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The Department of English was introduced in the esteemed institution called Donyi Polo Government College (DPGC), Kamki since its inception .i.e, 1996. The Department takes up the two aspects of the curriculum- both “Language” and “Literature”. The core motive of the Department is to inculcate all genres of English Literature like Poetry, Prose, Fiction, Plays, so on and so forth to the students. The students are taught to acknowledge and appreciate the essence and beauty of English Literature. Moreover, The Department also trains the students, including the other Departments, to inculcate the four “Skills of Language” i.e, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking (in English) through the compulsory papers (for B.A and B.COM) called English Compulsory (paper I and II) . It helps them to have a command over the English Language which spontaneously paves their ways for all other avenues in life.

The following are some of the aims and objectives of the Department:-
1) To create awareness among the students about the significance of English Language and Literature.
2) To enable them to learn the four skills of English language i.e, Reading, Writing, Listening and speaking.
3) To make them enjoy and appreciate the Creative art and Literature.
4) To encourage them to be creative and thoughtful person.
5) To encourage them to become a creative writer, journalist, teacher, leader and a good human being.


Dr. Anil Kumar (HoD)

Associate Professor

M.A, Ph.D, NET

Contact: 8259846802

Email: NIL

Mr. Kiri Lollen

Assistant Professor


Contact: 8258965903


Miss NyajaTesia

Assistant Professor

M.A, B.Ed, NET

Contact: 8794086725


Ms. Karpi Rike

Assistant Professor


Contact: 8258849602


Donyi Polo Government College


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