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History is a continuous dialogue between the past and present. The department of history at Donyi Polo Government College, Kamki is one of the major departments which is being taught by the experts faculty members. In the Curriculum, the course includes Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, World History and Regional history. To acclimatize the ground realities of history, various steps are included in the course like workshops, seminars, paper presentation and field study. In recent time, an attempt have been made by the department to produce historians, philosophers, academician, administrators and social workers as history subject has a wide horizon of scope in the field of knowledge. The main objectives of the department are to enlighten the students from the earliest civilization of mankind to the contemporary world.


Mr. Aka Tana Tara (HoD)
Assistant Professor
Contact: 8794660061
Email: NIL

Ms. Geyir Angu
Assistant Professor
M.A,B.ed, NET
Contact: NIL
Email: NIL

Mr. Duli Ete,
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Phil. NET, JRF
Contact No. +91-9999734131
Email ID: etedulee@gmail.com

Ms. Jumbi Kato Lobom
Assistant Professor (GF)
M.A., B.Ed., NET, SLET
Contact No.+91- 7085424615
Email ID: jumbilobom@gmail.com

Mr. Millo Hakhe
Assistant Professor (GF)
M.A., M.Phil., NET
Contact No. +91-9205736628
Email ID: millohake@gmail.com

Donyi Polo Government College

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