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Welcome to the Department of Geography at Donyi Polo Government College Kamki. Since the establishment of this institute in 1996, department of Geography serves a major role in the academic functioning. A distinct identity of department is its interdisciplinary nature with emphasis on spatial thinking. The department follows the prescribed syllabus of Rajiv Gandhi University for undergraduate course.

Department is multifaceted and has diverse fields ranging from geosciences, GIS, to social & cultural geography. The broad academic backgrounds of faculty and the spatial thinking approach make department easy to connect with many other disciplines in collaborative endeavors. The Department has a separate laboratory where all types of experiments or practical are undertaken. The departmental laboratory has all types of modern day’s practical equipments in form of Remote Sensing, GIS, Computer Applications, Cartography and surveying tools, etc.

The vision of department is to lead the interdisciplinary investigation of many critical social and natural challenges and problems of the 21st century tied to regional, landscape, and environmental changes through a spatiotemporal lens. It emphasizes on geospatial concepts and leads the development of geography, geosciences, remote sensing and GIS programs to attract outstanding undergraduate students.

The major objectives of department are:

1. To train students in spatial thinking at undergraduate levels to serve society;
2. To provide innovative professional service to broader communities through various outreach programs using new geographical concepts and spatial methods; and
3. To conduct surveys (field trip) that advances scientific knowledge in geographical science.

The department offers Majors in V and VI Semester and SBC in IV Semester. The overarching goal of undergraduate program is to train next generation of students to serve society and be critical spatial thinkers, using geographic theories and approaches to tackle some of the most challenging problems and questions facing the discipline and society.

Geography Field Trip

Every year, Department of Geography organizes a field trip to some selected areas. The field trip is exclusively for BA VI Semester geography major students only. The field trip is supervised by teacher in – charge. The teacher in-charge selects a suitable study area and conduct the survey for the collection of primary/secondary data’s related to the theme given. Based on field trip, students have to prepare Field Study Report. Based on the supervised field work for the stipulated duration, the students have to submit a project report at the end of the term.

It is of great pedagogical importance as it lets students experience the geography of a particular region which theoretical texts can’t do. Field trips and field surveys enhance their understanding about patterns and spatial distributions, their associations and relationships at the local level.


Mr. Nyaglen Gadi (HoD)
Assistant Professor
Contact: 8794516191
Email: kalengadi@gmail.com

Mr. Jemni Tali
Assistant Professor
MA, Mphil, NET
Contact: 9402005287
Email: jemnitali09@gmail.com

Mr. Gektum Tangu
Assistant Professor
Contact: +91-9612218673
Email ID: gektumtangu@gmail.com

Ms. Marsum Bagra
Assistant Professor (GF)
M.A, B.ed, NET
Contact: +91- 8132912001
Email ID: bagramarsum1996@gmail.com


Year 2022 : Workshop on Climate Mitigation & Ecosystem: Theme: Resilience: Celebrating United Nations Day 2022https://dpgc.ac.in/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Workshop-report-2022-Dept.-of-Geography.pdf

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