At present there are three boys and three girls’ hostels accommodating 60 boarders in each hostel. Preference in offering hostel accommodation will be given to Arunachal Tribal Students purely on the basis of merit which may be categorized as under.

  1. B.A/B.Com 5th Semester : 40% of the total seats
  2. B.A/B.Com 3rd Semester : 35% of the total seats
  3. B.A/B.Com 1st Semester : 25% of the total seats

N.B :

  1. The vacant seats of B.A/B.Com 3rd year shall pass on to the B.A/B.Com 3rd semester and vacancy occurred in B.A/B.Com 3rd semester shall pass on to the B.A/B.Com 1st semester students.
  2. For all classes, the merit list for hostel admission will be notified immediately after the last date of admission.
  3. The last Date for Hostel admission will be decided by the Hostel Committee.
  4. Vacancies in the hostel shall be allotted on the basis of merit from the waiting list.
  5. Change of hostel seat, doubling and unauthorized occupation of a hostel seat is strictly not permitted and such cases shall be viewed very seriously by the college authority and the allotted candidate and person occupying seat illegally on his/her behalf will be debarred permanently from applying for hostel seat in future and they will have to vacate the seat immediately.
  6. The selected students after payment of hostel fees to the cashier have to contact hostel Superintendent for hostel seats by producing money receipt.

Donyi Polo Government College

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