The goals and objectives of the institution are briefly stated as under:

  • To fulfill the aspirations of the people in general and the intellectual requirements of the students in particular.
  • Being the only institution of higher learning in the region, the most basic objective behind the establishment of this college was to facilitate the opportunities of higher education in this Rural Tribal area.
  • To train, guide and direct the abilities, energies and potentialities of the students in acquiring better knowledge and skills.
  • Emphasis on women empowerment and their participation at all levels.
  • Continuous and consistently marching towards the ultimate goal of nation building.
  • To develop human resources required at different levels of the society. Besides these goals and objectives, the aim of the institution is enshrined in its motto “SA VIDYA YA VIMUKTYE” i.e. Knowledge brings freedom.

Donyi Polo Government College

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