Institute of Distance Education

Donyi Polo Government College, Kamki
West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh

Education through distance mode is an alternative way for imparting instruction to overcome the problems of access, infrastructure and socio – economic barriers to meet the demands of higher education and also to give opportunities to people who cannot get admission in formal education and wish to pursue their education. The college has distance education centre named as institute of distance education, Donyi Polo Government College, Kamki with its headquarter at Rajiv Gandhi University. Admissions for both undergraduate and post graduate courses are done in the centre. The counselling classes and internal assessment for both the courses are done in the centre itself. The final examination of the undergraduate courses is conducted in the centre in the month of April however, the examination of the post graduate courses is conducted at IDE, Rajiv Gandhi University headquarter only. Subjects for undergraduate courses are Economics, Education, English, History, Hindi, Political Science, Sociology, Tribal Studies and for post graduate courses subjects offered are Education, English, Hindi, History, Political Science and Economics.

Dr. Doge Ngomdir is the centre coordinator of IDE, Donyi Polo Govt College, Kamki centre. For any queries contact – 8794163810 or email

Donyi Polo Government College


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