Department of Hindi

About the Department

The department of Hindi is one of the most popular department in the college. It emphasizes on imparting knowledge through curricular and co-curricular activities. Although from non-Hindi speaking backgrounds, students profoundly opt for Hindi subject and also excel in University examinations every year. The department harvest the proud results of their students in university examination toppers list. The department also arrange classes for practicing correct pronunciation of Hindi letters and words. It also conducts departmental seminars etc. at regular intervals. The department aims to polish and promote the literary talents of the students in different variants of literature. It encourages the students to learn, write and communicate in Hindi language for better employment opportunities and for better bonding with the nation as a whole.


Dr. Taro Sindik,(HoD)

Assistant Professor

M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil, PhD

Contact: 9402963147, 8794373249


Dr. Doge Ngomdir

Assistant Professor

M.A, B.Ed, PhD

Contact: 9436238700, 8794163810


Mr. Teli Mamu

Assistant Professor

M.A, MPhil, B.Ed

Contact: 9436874202, 8257055044


Ms Karjum Karbak

Assistant Professor

M.A, B.Ed

Contact: 9774734421, 9436889806


Donyi Polo Government College


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