Educational Excursion

General Excursion: BA/B.Com final year APST Students are selected, on the basis of Merit in their BA/B.Com IVth Semester University Examination results and their good record in other activities during their two years of study in the institution, for Educational Excursion with the funds provided by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.

Geography Field Study: Every year, Department of Geography organizes a field trip to some selected areas. The field trip is exclusively for BA VI Semester geography major students only. The field trip is supervised by teacher in – charge. The teacher in-charge selects a suitable study area and conduct the survey for the collection of primary/secondary data’s related to the theme given. Based on field trip, students have to prepare Field Study Report. Based on the supervised field work for the stipulated duration, the students have to submit a project report at the end of the term.

Donyi Polo Government College


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